The search for accomplices and masterminds of attack inside the Imperial Palace of the Erondàrian empire, leads Ian, his sister Myrva and the magician Alben, from the palace rooms to the depths of the Underworld, a kingdom of darkness and arcane magic, where it is easy to get lost forever! Don't miss this thrilling fantasy story!


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Story: Luca Enoch

Art: Giancarlo Olivares

Cover Artwork: Michele Rubini




Zagor's unexpected voyage leads him to unexplored places. To try and keep his companions and himself alive, his courage, strength, endurance, emotions and self-control will be brought to the brink! Don't miss this timeless classic from the creators of Zagor: Nolitta and Ferri, with covers by Rubini and special retro cover by Ferri!

You can buy the books from our shop, from Amazon (Rubini and Ferri version) or at your local comic book shop.