Mister No, an adventurer and a reluctant hero, guides the archaeological expedition of Professor Warren and Patricia Rowland, along with a colorful group of friends, into the heart of Amazon jungle in search of the mysterious temple. Mister No is another classic from the Italy's legendary creator Sergio Bonelli (Guido Nolitta)!

Story: Guido Nolitta (Sergio Bonelli)

Art: Roberto Diso

Covers: Michele Rubini, Roberto Diso, Gallieno Ferri



There's a place between the earth and the sky, where horrible demons live in chains. Howard Hogan, driven by a blind fury and revenge, has released Vultur from its prison and has made himself one with this monster. Magic Wind, a white warrior-shaman of Lakota is his pray!

Made from meticulously restored original pages of maestro Pasquale Frisenda! You don't want to miss our oversized, ultimate edition of this visual masterpiece!

Writer: Gianfranco Manfredi

Artist: Pasquale Frisenda

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