It is our great pleasure and privilege to bring you Miracle, what we believe to be one of the most honest and unforgettable graphic novels, and at the same time introduce you to its author—Davor Radoja, writer/artist with rare gift for telling hard-hitting, real-life stories—whose name you'll be hearing often in the near future!

What is Miracle?

Miracle is a gripping, explosive and haunting story that completely immerses us in the fragility of humanity with its characters of flesh and blood, the characters we deeply care about. As we watch their lives spin out of control and head towards an unavoidable collision, all we can really do is brace ourselves and truly hope for the best, because they are among us; they are one of us.

Daniel is a young war veteran with PTSD and drinking problem. When his caring wife asks their local priest with big heart for help, things seem to take turn for the better, or do they?

Out on June 19, 2013!

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ISBN 978-0-9889847-0-7

This graphic novel is suggested for mature readers.