With a self-contained, all-ages story by the main Tex writer and editor, Mauro "The Bos(s)" Boselli (whom those familiar with Epicenter Comics had already chance to meet), and stunning artwork by maestro Stefano Andreucci (Zagor: Terror from the Sea), Tex: The Magnificent Outlaw (Signature Edition) offers us a glimpse into Tex in his younger, pre-ranger days, or better, his (magnificent) outlaw days! As Tex is framed for the crime he did not commit, he will stop at nothing to clear his name, and in the process he will both, teach and learn some hard-won life lessons.

Story: Mauro Boselli 

Art: Stefano Andreucci

Covers: Michele Rubini (blue cover, color by Well-Bee), Stefano Andreucci (white cover)




Mister No, an adventurer and a reluctant hero, guides the archaeological expedition of Professor Warren and Patricia Rowland, along with a colorful group of friends, into the heart of Amazon jungle in search of the mysterious temple. Mister No is another classic from the Italy's legendary creator Sergio Bonelli (Guido Nolitta)!

Story: Guido Nolitta (Sergio Bonelli)

Art: Roberto Diso

Covers: Michele Rubini, Roberto Diso, Gallieno Ferri