Entropy Vol. 2: Neus

Entropy returns!

With the future of humanity in his hands, Tibor desperately attempts to bring the precious backpack to the leader of the resistance. But challenges await him, and he must first overcome the chase by beasts, in both human and animal form!

Story: Davor Radoja

Artwork: Well-Bee

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Zagor: 1000 Faces of Fear

Available with three different covers, by 3 maestros: Michele Rubini, Pasquale Frisenda and Stefano Andreucci!

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Story: Ade Capone

Artwork: Gallieno Ferri

When soldiers, led by the stubborn captain Flint, build a fort on a sacred hill, they also disrupt the magic circle of stones that were mysteriously placed there a long time ago. As ancient horror returns, Zagor not only must face it, but he must also go head-to-head with his own deep dark fears!