Epicenter Comics proudly presents legendary adventure graphic novel series, Zagor!
Terror from the Sea collects the complete 3 part story, extensive analysis essays, introduction texts, original covers, and the cover exclusive to this edition-the first ever English language edition of Zagor!

Zagor and Chico hurry to answer their friend's desperate call for help, but are they ready to face what awaits them in the seemingly desolate coastal city? A threat of colossal proportions! An ancient God of Abyss, Dagon and his army of transformed followers have taken over the coast! In this epic battle and race against time, help will have to come from unexpected places...

Story: Mauro Boselli

Artwork: Stefano Andreucci

Cover: Michele Rubini

Cover color: Well-Bee

Pre-order on Amazon or in our store! Out on July 22, 2015!

The hunt is on!

An expedition. A blizzard. A lost tribe... And Windigo, a creature with insatiable appetite for human flesh. Magic Wind and Poe find themselves stuck in a frigid hell in a fight of their lives... Visual masterpiece from an award-winning artist Pasquale Frisenda! Two different versions available, with covers by Bane Kerac or Pasquale Frisenda!

Available for preorder on Amazon or in our store. Out on July 22, 2015!

"Regular" Bane Kerac cover version: here

"Variant" Pasquale Frisenda cover version: here