Tex Willer is on the run! To escape the relentless FBI agent's hunt, the lone outlaw ends up in Florida, where a bloody war has been waged between the American army and the Seminoles for thirty years in the swamps infested with poisonous snakes and ferocious crocodiles. First a soldier, then a deserter and finally an enemy traitor, Tex will find himself fighting not only for his life, but for the salvation of an entire people!

Story: Mauro Boselli

Art: Michele Rubini 

Covers: Massimo Carnevale, Maurizio Dotti



In the 17th century, the Americas were a paradise for adventurers, pirates and other people with bad reputation who sought to enrich themselves as quickly as possible, but it was also a mysterious and unknown land, with areas yet to be explored and great treasures to be found. In that dangerous jungle, only one person could guide the newcomers: Alvar Mayor. Don't miss this classic from two legends, Carlos Trillo and Enrique Breccia!

Story: Carlos Trillo

Art: Enrique Breccia